Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 8 - early morning jumper

For some reason this morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. without an alarm and could not fall back asleep. Well, I suppose I could fall asleep again but I didn't want to fall asleep and wake up at 8:30. So I got up, came out and ate a banana...sat down and surfed through the net like I usually do in the morning. Then I decided to scan through exercise TV on demand and ended up watching 30 day shred day 2 to see what I was up against for this coming Sunday. It's not bad - not as scary as my imagination was running away with, but it will be tough. So after watching the workout...I decided I would be pretty lazy if I didn't do my workout while I had the time.

So I did it. I pushed through 97% of the workout and rests probably twice when my arms were shaking so bad I had to stop. The plus side is that I don't have to do the workout when I get home from work! BONUS!

Now off to make a quick breakfast and prepare lunches for the two of us, then work, then home to relax!

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Anonymous said...

I love Jillian's 30 Day challenging! And her commentary is priceless. I also love the Less is More workouts from exercisetv on demand, esp. the pilates!